Just Fired


Just got that letter. Whatever I had expected, whatever dream I had that my boss would come to her senses… all gone!

In about one month, people will tell me that there must have been underlying personal dislike to lead to my current unexplainable situation.But I know in my heart that there is none, and the reasons that will eventually come up to explain this disloyal act will never be enough to justify it.

Here are some words from my “support group” meaning all the nice people who make up the forest.

I was shocked when I heard these bad news. I am very sorry for what happened. It’s hard for me to believe and understand this. I think you were a good boss and head of school, and I like you as a person.” from R.

This is incredible! How sad!” from C.

I can’t believe it. What a bummer! I’m so sorry to hear about T. firing you. For me you were the heart of it.” from K.

We often mention your name!!! You’re very missed” from M.

We all miss you so much and our team is simply not the same. There are many occasions I and the others say you would know or something like ...” from X.

I know for a fact that the team still wishes you were there.” from A.

I am SHOCKED to find out. They are so mindless.” from J.


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