Oh, I am so disgusted!

05 Jun

I just read that the video of the sick sick man killing another human being is still online and will remain there. I also read that the video received 600 likes on Facebook before being taken down (kuddos, FB!)

Oh, human beings are sick!

Now the video is on a gore extremes website. The owner will not take it down, his answer is: this will not change the fact that it happened. Unbelievable! This is so crazy! It is like saying that speed limit will not change the number of people who died in car crashes due to speed, or that not advertising cigarettes consumption will not help those who have already died from cancer.

But what about the victim’s family? Don’t they have rights? What about the victim? Does he not have a right to be protected? This is a sick video made by a sick person and watched by sick people.

God help us!


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