R-Patz in Catching Fire? It’s got to be for Finnick!

26 May

The Hunger Games is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. Of course. I loved Twilight, but Mrs. Collins style of writing is (for me!) amazing. I love the surprises and there are a lot in the trilogy.

Finnick is a tortured character and I sincerely hope this is the one they have in mind for Rob. He has the past-telling, soul-wrenching eyes Finnick needs!
When I read the book, I possibly did visualize someone like him playing the role. He is annoying to start of with, with his flirting-self, but he soon shows a different side of his: clever, observant, passionate and so, so kind.

Finnick has a great role as a character. Never fails in his feelings for loved-ones, his loyalty to the cause. He saves Peeta (Yey!) more than once, and has to sacrifice Mags, dies inside for Annie’s suffering, and finally dies a heroic death to save everyone from some kind of mutant monsters.

Oh, I so see R-Patz in Finnick’s netted overall!


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