21 May

ImageThis morning, as we sat and had breakfast, I told my son about this “quite miracle” that happened a couple of months back when Robin Gibb woke up from a coma, and seemed to be doing pretty well.

My son asked many questions:

– “So what, did he just get up and walk out of the hospital?”

– “Er… I have no idea, but I don’t think so.”

– “What did his children say when they saw him wake up? Did they say hello? Did he know what had happened?”

Talk about regretting the timing to share with your kid! I probably should have conducted a thorough research before launching this rocket.

– “Er… I don’t know…”

– “How long had he been in the coma? How does it happen? Are you then suddenly asleep, or is it like dying but you don’t find the light?”

Oh, my! Oh, my! All I wanted was to share a lovely piece of news that I somehow remembered while drinking my coffee, only God knows why. I thought it was a lovely story for my son and something to help him know that, no matter what, hope is a wonderful power by our side.

And now, here we were, discussing reasons to fall in a coma, what the doctors can do or say, how they feed the patient during that time, what happens when you wake up, yada yada… a whole different story!

When breakfast was over, my son went to get ready for school, and I turned on the radio while washing the dishes. When the news came on, I mentally switched off to concentrating on my Monday morning thoughts, whatever these are. Suddenly he ran out of the bathroom.

-“Well, he is dead now!”

I looked at him in surprise. What was he talking about? And who died?

– “You said he was called Gibb, right? Well, the lady on the radio just said he died… Robin, I think.”

He went back to the bathroom in a flash, and I stood there, wondering what to do in such a situation. My son came back with toothpaste foam around his lips and mumbled:

– “Finally very sad, don’t you think? You thought he had made it, his family too… they must be devastated.” He left again and I heard him rinse his mouth in the bathroom.

I turned back to my washing, thought up a few arguments to talk to my son about hope and disease and life as a whole. I heard the newsman talk about the Bee Gees, and the great songs they wrote. I wondered why I had to bring that topic up just this morning. Life’s a mystery, at times.

I will not go on about what the Gibb brothers have brought to the world of music, there are plenty of testimonies on the Internet, and they are all insightful, but I wanted to say “So long, Mr. Gibb, you were a great musician, may the angels sing for you.”

Adieu, Robin! May the angels sing for You!


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