Bluetooth Keyboard and Other Life Adventures

24 Apr

There are so many things happening every day. So many beautiful things and so many insignificant ones. Yesterday, I could not work on my blogs. The main reason was that my Bluetooth Keyboard did not respond. Silly right? But when you work on a laptop all day long, it is necessary to have the right distance between your eyes and the screen, and also a suitable position so that your neck does not suffer from always keeping the same posture.

I searched the net to find a solution. Several posts on technical forums explained how to set up the keyboard and gave reliable explanations to ill-functioning (batteries… mainly). I changed the batteries, twice, used the laptop software to search for the keyboard. To no avail!

At that point, somehow, I started to look at Ipad websites, because I realized that the keyboard was paired with the Ipad. Maybe you will be interested in this course Ipad for beginners, which of course, I did not think I was…

None of the websites I visited gave me the answer, until I visited the Apple site, where it simply said “if your keyboard is paired with another laptop, then un-pair it first before attempting to pair with said laptop.”
The penny dropped!

Un-pairing the keyboard withe the Ipad was the solution. Alleluia! And there I was, thinking I was having a bad day!

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