Kill ex, check, kill daughter, check, kill self, missed

19 Apr

Oh, I read Metro this morning with my coffee, as I do nearly everyday. I saw the picture of this man, David Oakes, with his face cut in half and huge stitches to cover the gap.

This man is standing trial for allegedly killing his ex-wife and 2-year old daughter with a shotgun. He is pleading non-guilty as he claims that his ex-wife took the gum he brought with him (as anyone obviously does when visiting an ex-wife at midnight), killed her daughter, shot him in the face and then shot herself three times, before dying.

OK, let’s see how this story convinces anyone at the trial.

There are so many other stories like this one, for example: Mother of two stabbed by ex-partner

If need be, all this proves that, when a man has been violent with his wife for a long time, there is no happy ending. hence, I would like to say to all the people in the world who are treated violently and disrespectfully by a partner that there is NO CURE, there is no silver cloud in home violence, and the earlier you get out, the better.

It also proves that, if police were to take home violence seriously, so many hideous crimes could be avoided.


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