When you find yourself in times of trouble

11 Apr

There will be an answer… This is a quite an unofficial video of the famous boys band, but don’t we all, at times, feel like there should be something greater, someone to answer us when in times of trouble?

I am fortunate to know a handful of psychic readers, so I never have to look for someone I can relate to. I imagine it is probably not the same for everyone else. However, know that many people have gifts, and it is a good idea to start asking around if anyone knows anyone who… you might be surprised.

What is a psychic?

Not a witch (in the Christian sense) and not a crook. These are old ideas and overrated. Psychics are people like you and me, with something more. We all have gifts in one area or another. You might be good at drawing and I might be good at writing (yey!), and a psychic has extra-sensory perception. Simply said, he can read your senses better than you can do it yourself.

A psychic can use different types of reading (tarot, numbers, spiritual, clairvoyance, runes etc.). They are guides who will show you a way to follow when you most need it.

When to consult?

When you need clarity.
We have the ability to make choices for ourselves, for our family, for our parents, and friends. Most of the time, they are simple choices, for example:

– should my son wear a rain jacket or a padded one?
– Should I ask my Dad for dinner on Tuesday or would Friday be a better evening, since we don’t work the next day?
– Should I call my sister over or should I go to her house?

These choices occur all day long, small decisions with small consequences if we go wrong.
In life, there are harder times. Sadly, they come to teach us who we are and what our purpose is. These trial times are painful. There can be moments when we don’t know what to choose, don’t know if we should choose. At those times, we also do not feel capable of dealing with the consequences.

We need help!
Friends and family might have tried to help and made things worse, or made no impact… As a conclusion, present is blur, future is a tsunami of doubts.

How to prepare?

Let’s assume you found someone you can trust. Now what?
These experiences usually cost money. So it is worth your while to get ready and not spend your reading time hunting for numbers or blurting out empty questions. Also, you might feel differently during the reading as you would while quietly sitting at home, relaxing.

About ten or fifteen minutes before you meet your reader, clear your mind of all “clutter” maybe with a meditation or simply going for a walk, or sitting in a quiet place. You should enter the reading at ease with your emotions, with a calm mind and body.
It is also a good idea to prepare your list of questions and organize them by area of interest (relationships, work, money, etc.). It is not a guaranty that the reading will follow your plan step by step, but at least you will not run the risk of missing out on an important question.

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  1. April Thursday

    April 12, 2012 at 00:23

    I can’t get over the “four guys in the wind”… this video is amazing 😉


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