Special Needs Kids

07 Apr

Education and training is supposed to be challenging… for everyone. SEN children find it harder and they need a closer support than the other children. Beside their educational needs, making friends is not easy for them either, because most of their friends are schoolmates… Children do not like others who stick out. They also have their own agenda of “blending in” where being associated with a SEN child will not be welcomed by everyone.

Because of their difficulties at school, special needs children do not feel comfortable there and might not want to go on most days… You can easily evaluate the wealth of good a friend would bring to this situation.

Imagine now that you invite friends over for a play date. When your child shows his true colors, you might have to endure faces or blunt reproaches. Soon, your friends will start dodging play dates with you and your kid.

It is important that all the people involved in his education (and that includes the parents of their schoolmates) get to know the child so that they better understand how to cope with the daily routines. You, as the parent, will need to explain how your child “works” and what pleases him or makes him upset, sad, or even angry.

Explain your difficulties to your adult friends with kids. Therefore if their child refuses to come out and play with yours, they will be able to help out and advise their child on how to deal with their “special need friend.”

Watch Ethan, as he explains what it feels like to have ADHD.

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Posted by on April 7, 2012 in Family, Parenting


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