Slavery… when it comes to children

06 Apr

Not that, slavery as a whole is not simply a disgusting deviation, but really, don’t you just feel like throwing up when kids are sold, bought?

The recent article in the New York Times about a 13-year old who was crying out for help in New Delhi as she had been locked up at home by her “owners,” raised concern among the civilized people that we all are.

Child labor is brought up… but is this really what this story is about? The girl was sold by her parents to an “agency,” which in turn sold the girl to a couple of doctors in need of someone to clean their house. So… child labor? I think not!
You sell someone, you buy someone… sounds to me like slavery. They might as well have marked her on the ankle, for what I think.

How many children are “lost to statistics” like this particular girl? They are not employed (so not in the number of working children, and don’t go to school, so do not appear in these statistics too).
I have not found any official numbers for children sold in slavery anywhere on the web, but I found this interesting blog here on WordPress. there has been an International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights set up and Article 8 prohibits slavery and enforced servitude in all situations.

So, not to worry…

For a longer version of this article, go to: 1Stop Articles

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