Parenting (difficult) children

21 Feb

How difficult is parenting a child? I am sure many of us ask ourselves the question as we go along the aisles of the supermarkets, or pick up our kids after school. There are no parenting schools, and no “Parenting University” graduation. Yet, we are all able, even without qualification, to embark on the parenting journey, caramba!

I want to start a parenting crash course series of posts. So bear with me.

Today, someone I work with held out his hand and counted on his fingers, he told me: “your boy is honest, he is polite, he is a very nice kid. Keep doing what you are doing!”

So, I will rephrase what I wrote earlier on: here is my “graduation”, or at least my “recognition”. If I have done something right, I can surely continue to do it and I can try and tell the world about it.
In the course of the next days, I will share with you my experience as a Beginner-Mum, blue level, here I come!

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Posted by on February 21, 2012 in Parenting


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