Need Money

13 Jun

That’s it. I paid all my bills, started to chew on next month, but somehow, we’ve gone around the year and it will be holiday time very soon, that is with my next paycheck. OMG!

I tried all the tricks of the trade, budgeting (my own advise to anyone with not enough cash), still money’s too tight.

I need to start making money with my writing again. Years ago, when my brain was a powerful tool, I wrote and earned extra dough. For the past couple of years, my cells seem fried. There is not one neurone willing to be used to make the miracle happen once again.
I love to write, I love to share, I am the leader of an online writers’ group called “The Terrace.” A peaceful, friendly virtual place where nice people get together and try to make it as writers.
This has always been my dream: a table, two chairs on a terrace over a green prairie. Faith is on my side, because I am actually living in such a place. How lucky am I!
So there are positive things happening in my life at the moment. Add to this the fact that my story is one of the most amazing epic. I could write about it and it would come out as a made-up story, no one could believe it actually happened to the same person.

Ok, ok, I hear it too… April, stop complaining about not writing and start writing!


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