For 13 years, I did not have one…

12 Jun

Thirteen years without a car, and living in Switzerland does not help making the decision to get one.

Of course, living in Thailand, China, Ukraine, did not really call for the need of a car. Then, Czech Republic, where somehow, pubic transport is reliable at times. Now, in Switzerland, surrounded by nature-conscious people, who constantly praised me for taking public transportation, I never really thought about it.

Going for a week-end to the mountains is here as easy as going to work. Just sit in a train, follow the direction you printed off the Internet… Is has never been simpler to go from A to B.

Now, add to the equation a child and a dog… And it soon becomes expensive and unmanageable. Why? Simply because there is a choice. A choice to struggle through bus and train routes, or to buy a car and have a life where you don’t need to plan every step of the way (11:07, take the bus, 11:25, city center etc etc).

Now, with a car, it’s more “guys, I am stepping out for 10 min to go to the next village to collect a second hand toaster since ours is broken”… and I grab my keys and “step out” to the next village… A ride that would have taken me about 1.5 hour on foot…

Yes, easier indeed!

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Posted by on June 12, 2010 in Daily life impressions, Journal


One response to “For 13 years, I did not have one…

  1. Zainil

    June 13, 2010 at 07:39

    Didn’t have a car for the 1st 40 odd years of my life, until I move to Australia when public transport is comparable to that of KL. HK and China are miles ahead with their public transport system: EFFICIENT and CHEAP. They run like clock work in HK and China. A 20-minute drive to my naturopath, takes about 90 minutes by public transport.

    Too bad you can’t drive all the way to Melbourne.

    Ciao bella.


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